Ripper Mini Autococker - Build Your Own Kit
This is a "Build Your Own" kit. This gun is shipped as parts and are disassembled.

Price: $1,399.99


The following items are included in this package

This is the Ripper Autococker. It comes as a "Build your Own" kit. This is on the RETRO platforms. The RETRO platform uses the 11/16 valve with PE standard ball detents. This Ripper comes with the most modern pneumatics to allow easy tuning and consistent cycling. The Ripper BYO includes an Inception FLE 45 gripframe giving it a comfortable and easy to shoot grip.

This gun body has the Ripper milling by Eaton Machining licensed to Inception to create the version that perfectly matches the lines of all Inception frames at the bottom of the gun body.

    • Custom Milling by Eaton Machining
    • RETRO Platform using the 11/16 valve
    • Most modern pneumatics available

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