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"I was a US Navy Submariner and a Diver. My equipment had to work every single time I ask it to work. THAT is still my mentality today. When competing in Paintball, for fun, or for a competition, I can count on my gear to function flawlessly in any condition. Thanks to the well thought out designs and manufacturing of Inception Designs products, my confidence always peaked. My gear simply out performs my opponents, and makes me the force multiplier I always aim to be!"

– Greg Hastings


"I've always been impressed with Inception's products. There's no denying the quality, intelligence, and attention to detail they put into everything they do. They're also one of the earliest supporters of Classic paintball's resurgence and have worked tirelessly and selflessly to help it gain traction. Along the way, I've gotten to know the Inception team and I couldn't be more impressed. The 'Wolves are thrilled to be shooting Inception's Stella barrels, which we know will give us the major advantages in stealth, accuracy, and consistency that any predator needs to successfully hunt its prey."

– Team captain Justin Owen


"The masters at Inception have creatively blended the old school and new school together creating products that are just next level to help you win plain and simple. I feel truly blessed to be part of the Inception family. All the hard work they put into everything they do for the new mechanical movement is just one of the reasons I’m on board with this awesome company. Ialso want to win and I surround myself with true blue honest and creative friends like Simon Stevens and Bryan from Inception, Greg Hastings and my brothers on the Saberwolves like chess they have put all the pieces together, this proves they choose wisely with every move they make"

– Will Arroyo