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Nano Mesh Construction

The NanoMesh jersey is primarily built with NanoMesh material. The NanoMesh allows the jersey to be extremely breathable.


Abrasion Zone

On each forearm there are durable "Abrasion Zones" to protect from tears in the jersey when sliding and crawling.


Neoprene Thumb Cuff

The Neoprene padded cuff adds additional protection to the palm and back of the hand. The thumb hole keeps the jersey from moving during play.



The NanoMesh and the Padded FLE jerseys are extremely breathable keeping you comfortable while you play.


Supporting our dealers

The FLE Jerseys are exclusively sold through the Inception Dealer Network.


Become an Ambassador

The FLE Jerseys have function and style incorporated seamlessly. The strategically placed branding will allow others to know you support the growth of small companies in paintball like Inception.



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