Will Arroyo


"The masters at Inception have creatively blended the old school and new school together creating products that are just next level to help you win plain and simple. I feel truly blessed to be part of the Inception family. All the hard work they put into everything they do for the new mechanical movement is just one of the reasons I’m on board with this awesome company. I also want to win and I surround myself with true blue honest and creative friends like Simon Stevens and Bryan from Inception, Greg Hastings and my brothers on the Saberwolves like chess they have put all the pieces together, this proves they choose wisely with every move they make"

– Will Arroyo


I grew up in Brooklyn NY in the 70's, I was a latch key kid. Mom worked 2 jobs so I found myself hanging out with hustlers and the most creative people Brooklyn had to offer. At a young age my game consisted of hot peas and butter, roof climbing (some call it parkour now a days), I played round up till the wee hours of the night. In junior high I fell in love with breakdancing and graffiti my name was WILONE and hung out the elite of the time, I got published in books and magazines at the age of 16. I loved paint my entire life.

When I first got into tournament paintball in 1986 I always had an eye for what was the best and always stood far and clear of the gear that at the moment of truth when it counted most failed you. I won my first major event at sgt. yorks in 1989 using a grey ghost with the screaming eagles. I got my first sponsorship from national paintball supplies when it was still attached to a pizza shop in the earliest of the 90s.

In 1992 I played with the syclones a national paintball supplies factory team with genius players like Steve Davidson and a bunch of legendary werewolves who ruled our area at the time. I stopped playing in 1993 for a years to travel the world while bartending in ny cities hottest clubs. I came back in 1994 and was picked up by paintball maniacs supplies and first choice paintballs factory team to play on the raptors, at the end of 95 I went to my first ever World Cup in Florida. I met a bunch of killers named east coast eliminators from my area and was invited to tryout for ECE the team had the best up and coming players from the east coast. I played every 5 man nppl with them and after dominating, I went pro after only our 3rd event. Jerry Braun started to take notice and inviting me and a few of the ECE players to join his new pro team called Ground Zero for their debut event at Chicago NPPL 1996. Boom history was made countless wins followed including a first ever series win as well as a world title in 2001. I was also the creator of the Bunker King and the we kill suckers brand in 1996 till 2004.

I was one of the first ever announcers for the psp ,nppl ,the original Xball league (nxl) as well as the European millennium series. When I fall in love with something I go all out, "I love tournament paintball!" The Mechanical movement is great to see. Like so many who had taken a break from paintball, I’m back and I’ve joined forces with only the best 🏆



Classic footage of AC Ironmen vs Ground Zero (footage by tramahead)

Here is a flash back to classic paintball. Will and Ground Zero killin suckers.

Click to Watch Will Arroyo and Ground Zero:

Footage recorded live from 7-Man Mechanical Masters

The 2019 7-Man Mechanical Masters was a Collaboration between Jonathan Rullan of the Woodsball Tournament Series and Will "WILROCS" Arroyo of GZ Fame.

Click to Watch: Ground Zero with Will doing commentary:



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Will understands the value of making sure that his shots count. The Stella Kit keeps him prepared for the ever changing weather and paint conditions.



Will is shooting an Inception Ripper Autococker "The Gold Ripper"



Will is equipped with the best Autococker and Pump Gun case. It is important that your equipment travels to an from events without getting damaged.


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