Fully Loaded Saberwolves SCOUT
Inception Planet Eclipse FLE emek

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Inception'ize your Planet Eclipse EMEK
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This SCOUT EMEK comes built and ready to use straight out of the box. We assemble each Planet Eclipse marker with an Inception SCOUT EMEK body kit here at Inception Designs and test before shipping.

This body design follows the style of our very popular FLE (Fantastically Light Engineering) series in being as light as possible, but thanks to feedback from long time players such as Rodney Squires (of Dynasty and KAPP All Stars) we have added some features to enhance the design for the way they play. The body is milled down to the minimum but in order to peform better with gravity feed hoppers such as the old school Revy, newer Spires and Bunker Kings hoppers we have made the feedneck taller. This allows more balls in the feedneck stack and makes the feed more reliable with the gravity based hoppers. Then we added a sight rail to the back, because Rodney asked nicely. It is designed to take the old school Dye Izon sights and the Thirty Two degrees knock offs (although the Dye was also a knock of of the Original Armson, they at least did a bit of redesign to it to make it smaller...) The body is milled from solid aluminum billet, creating a robust lightweight exterior that can now be custom anodized making this already popular platform, even more desirable..

This model is engraved with the Saberwolves logo and identical to the versions they use, so you can match the pros.

This marker comes with
  • Polished Black Slimline front & PWR Back
  • Polished Black EZ PZ ASA
  • Polished Red Fang Trigger
  • FL3-Way Valve with Secret Pin Installed.
  • One PWR Insert.

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