RETRO Hornet FULL AC - Matte Black

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This body is on the Inception RETRO Platform and takes an 11/16th valve

(1) .685 Stella matte black barrel back
(1) .697 Stella polished black barrel front

Price: $999.00


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The RETRO Hornet

The RETRO Series is a collection of guns and body designs that offer a modern take on classic paintball guns and that pay homage to the styles from the past. The RETRO Hornet is available in a Hornet AC and Hornet Pump Gun model.

Greg Hastings is sponsored by Inception Designs and plays with the RETRO Hornet AC and the RETRO Hornet Pump Gun. Greg has been putting his Hornet to work this season. He has an event almost every weekend as part of his Tour of Duty Events.

The RETRO Series Includes a 0.685 Stella Barrel Back, 14" Stella Slimline Barrel Front, a Barrel Sleeve and an Inception large gun case with laser cut foam.

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Upgraded Pneumatics

The RETRO Predator has the best pneumatics available. The Inception UFC-3Way, GTR-Ram and LPR. This combination is easy to tune, maintain and extremely reliable.

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Comfort Grips

The RETRO Predator comes with the Inception Designs Comfort Grips. They are made from soft rubber with a tapered mid-grip and a palm swell for exceptional comfort for a wide range of hand sizes.

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Stella Barrel

Included with this gun is the proven Inception Stella Barrel. Slimline fronts in 0.689" bores with spiral porting and also includes a matte black back in 0.685"

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