LUXE BARREL BACKS - 0.680’’ - Polished Black
*Discontinued when Sold Out*

0.680 - SP Stella Back 0.685 - SP Stella Back 0.690 SP Stella Back

List Price: $29.99
Price: $29.99
Special Price: $4.99


This listing is for an individual barrel back. Luxe/Ion/Impulse/Smart Parts/Gog Threads. Polished Black finish.

The Stella Barrel system has arrived--designed to be gentle on paint, consistent, efficient, quiet and as accurate as a paintball gun barrel can be. Constructed of CNC'd 6061 Aluminum, the Stella barrel system is the ultimate choice for superiority in customization and accuracy.

The 8" control bore of the Stella Barrel system is available in:
0.680", 0.685", 0.690"

    • O-ring sealed at all interfaces
    • Quick "standard" Autococker(tm) threads for speed of installation and removal (open sourced standard and adopted by others in the industry)
    • Easy removal flats for grip and through holes on back sections specifically designed for use with Pump Guns and Autocockers
    • Machine engraved sizes won't wear off
    • Easy entry chamfer and radius lead into the control bores to minimize paint breakage.
    • Available in matte black and raw for special custom builds. (Special Editions of colour and finish will be available also)
    • Rigid tube packaging with colour coding for ease of packing in your gearbag and selection at the field.
    • Available a la carte (buy what you need and not what you don't)

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