14" Stella Barrel Kit (CF)

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14" Stella Barrel Kit (CF) 15" Stella Barrel Kit (CF)
16" Stella Barrel Kit (CF)

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Price: $224.95

: SBK-002-AC-CF

The following items are included in this package
Autococker threaded barrel kit with Deadlywind Carbon Fiber "Whip Tip" fronts.

Comes with :-

5 Matte black backs in 0.675", 0.680", 0.685", 0.690" and bore sizes

2 Carbon Fiber fronts in 0.688" and 0.709" bores. Carbon fiber fronts make a barrel with an overall length of 14". (We can substitute either or both 14" fronts for 15" or 16" carbon fiber fronts in either bore size but e-mail us first for availability at Check Availablility

1 Barrel Case

Overall value of $279.60 if purchased separately!

Pictures are just examples, and gun or other items not specified above are NOT included.

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