PE Ego LV2 - British Racing Green/Gold
PE Ego LV2 -  British Racing Green/Gold
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Description Technical Specs
Brand New LV2 - Limitied Non-Standard Color Option!

The images shown are renderings. The actual green may look more "olive" in person.

    • Hoseless designNEW
    • HPR and LPR assemblyNEW
    • OLED display moduleNEW
    • LED status indicatorNEW
    • Wraparound grips with sealed pushbuttonsNEW
    • Fully contoured foregripNEW
    • MME (Modular Marker Electronics) electronics packageNEW
    • Shaft S63 modular barrel system (2 PWR inserts included .689 & .685)NEW
    • BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy) compatibility (optional)NEW
    • Toolless eye coversNEW
    • Cure FT boltNEW
    • Larger valve chamber and lower operating pressureNEW
    • Semi Rigid Carry CaseNEW
    • Spare Onboard DetentsNEW
    • Lowrise Feedtube w/Lever locatorNEW
    • 2 Year Manufacturer WarrantyNEW
    • User-serviceable SMC solenoid Dual SFR (flow controls) bolt speed control adjustment
    • USB E-Portal compatibility
    • Stacked tube poppet Lever Valve operation
    • Zick3 Rammer assembly - Heavy and lightweight rammers included
    • 115psi operating pressure
    • 9V battery powered
    • Blade trigger (compatible with 170R/CS1/GEO4 trigger shoes)
    • 5-point trigger adjustability
    • Spring and magnetic trigger return mechanisms
    • Micro-switch trigger sensor
    • POPS ASA
    • Deftek Offset Feed System
    • Comprehensive Spares Bundle
    • SFR Adjustment Tool
    • Online Instruction and Tech Videos
    • FaceBook Planet Eclipse Tech Hub Support

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