WGP Fighter Mini Body Kit (MB)

Untitled Document COMPATIBILITY:
This body is on the WGP™ Platform and takes an 9/16th valve
The weight of this body kit - 9.4 oz
WGP is a licensed trademark or G.I. Sportz

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Matte Black
Tumble Raw
Price: $274.99

: CGB-1106-MB

This is the three piece Mini FLE body kit for the 2K+ Autococker and Sniper.

This gun body is milled down in a faceted style and also perfectly matches the lines of all Inception frames at the bottom of the gun body. This body kit will work with most Autococker frames (including old school frames for WGP Guns, electronic frames, and Inception frames).

The front block is design to fit all modern pneumatics, has an anti-rotation step to lock it into alignment, and a large bore transfer hole that is designed so the LPR can never block it if it is screwed in too far.

This has matte black anodizing.

This body kit does not include the bolt, shown in photo to hold to back block.

WGP and Empire are licensed trademarks of G.I Sportz LLC.

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