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Deluxe Resurrection Upgrade Kit Upgrade kit for Empire Sniper Frame Empire Sniper Mamba Trigger and Roller Sear
EMP SAS Trigger Plate (Only) EMP NOS Trigger Plate (Only) EMP SAS Trigger Upgrade
EMP NOS Trigger Upgrade WGP NOS Trigger Upgrade WGP SAS Trigger Upgrade
Trigger Set (EMP) A/T Trigger Set - (WGP) Trigger Set - Resurrection and Pump Guns
Trigger Set - (WGP)
Price: $44.95
Roller Sear Set Raptor Beavertail w/ mounting plate Mamba Trigger - For Empire Sniper and all Inception Swing/Pivot frames
Roller Sear Set
Price: $34.95
Skeletonized Trigger Plate - WGP Autocockers all Pump Guns Skeletonized Trigger Plate - Empire Resurrection and all Pump Guns WITH Autotrigger (Empire and WGP) Skeletonized Trigger Plate - Empire Resurrection and all Pump Guns without Autotrigger (Empire and WGP)
Roller Sear Comfort Grips Auto Trigger Set
Roller Sear
Price: $29.95
Comfort Grips
Price: $24.99
Auto Trigger Set
Price: $20.00
Rear Stop / Autotrigger Plug Raptor Beavertail Beavertail mounting plate
Raptor Beavertail
Price: $19.99
Pivot frame auto trigger CAM SLIDE frame autotrigger cam Auto trigger lever
Auto trigger lever
Price: $14.95
Sear Spring Kit Trigger Return Spring Set Trigger Shoe
Sear Spring Kit
Price: $9.99
Trigger Shoe
Price: $9.95