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Deluxe Resurrection Upgrade Kit Upgrade kit for Empire Sniper Frame Heavy Hammer Upgrade Kit
Empire Sniper Upgrade Empire Sniper Mamba Trigger and Roller Sear HF - Old School Valve
HF - Valve V.2 for 11/16ths Bore Autococker volumizer Fluted Pump Guide
Fluted Pump Guide
Price: $39.95
Raptor Beavertail w/ mounting plate Universal Hammer Old School Style Ball Detent
Universal Hammer
Price: $29.95
Autococker banjo bolt HF Cup Seal and Shaft Raptor Beavertail
Raptor Beavertail
Price: $19.99
Cocking Rod - Adjustable Universal IVG - Polished black Beavertail mounting plate
Pump Return Spring Main Hammer Spring JAM Screw for WGP Valve
Cocking Rod Bumpers (Black) Valve O-rings for 11/16ths lower bore guns Valve O-rings for WGP 2K+ guns
Ball Detent (Rubber Nipple) Cocking rod tension screw Valve Set Screw
Valve Set Screw
Price: $1.95
VASA Bolt/Screw VASA Blank off screw LPR and HPR Piston removal screw
VASA Bolt/Screw
Price: $1.95