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Premium Sniper Upgrade Kit Resurrection Upgrade Kit Upgrade kit for Empire Sniper Frame
Empire Sniper Upgrade Kit Heavy Hammer Upgrade Kit Upgrade kit for Empire Sniper Internals
Empire Sniper Mamba Trigger and Roller Sear HF - Valve V.2 for 11/16ths Bore Autococker volumizer for 2K+ threaded bodies
Empire Sniper Pump Guide / Autococker volume chamber Beavertail w/ mounting plate Universal Hammer - mid block or full body guns.
High Volume "HV" Autococker banjo bolt HF Cup Seal and Shaft Beavertail - Adjustable
Cocking Rod - Adjustable Universal IVG - Polished black Beavertail mounting plate
Pump Return Spring Main Hammer Spring JAM Screw for WGP Valve
Cocking Rod Bumpers (Black) Valve O-rings for 11/16ths lower bore guns Valve O-rings for WGP 2K+ guns
Ball Detent (Rubber Nipple) Cocking rod tension screw - nylon X 2 Valve Set Screw
Valve Set Screw
Price: $1.95
VASA Bolt/Screw VASA Blank off screw LPR and HPR Piston removal screw
VASA Bolt/Screw
Price: $1.95