Retro Hornet Mini Mid Body Kit (MB)

Untitled Document COMPATIBILITY:
This body is on the Inception RETRO Platform and takes an 11/16th valve
The weight of this body kit - 7.9 oz

Also Available in Full Body, Mini and Mid-Block
Select body style and finish below
Matte Black
Tumble Raw
Price: $275.00



Inception Retro Hornet "Gun Body Only" This custom milled Retro "Hornet" body can be used to build a Retro Hornet Pump Gun or a Retro Hornet AC. This body is available in Matte Black and Polished Raw.

The body kit includes the main body, back block and front block with integrated vertical Air Systems Adapter. The body uses 11/16ths valves, modern detent covers and rubber nipple detents, and full length bolts. Uses Inception Designs grip frames and feednecks. (Components available separately).

Images of assembled guns are for illustration only.

RAW/UNANODIZED PARTS MUST BE ANODIZED BEFORE USE. Using RAW parts or assembling them without anodizing immediately VOIDS all warranty. RAW Parts are provided only for custom anodizing and not to provide a "silver" finish.

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