WGP SAS Delrin Trigger Upgrade
"SAS" Short and Snappy

Untitled Document COMPATIBILITY:
This upgrade kit is for Inception frames

Price: $44.99

: IFP-1037

The following items are included in this package
This kit includes:

WGP™ Delrin Trigger Plate

This is a trigger plate for Inception frames that are to be used with WGP™ body systems (and Inception Retro Series guns) and front blocks (where the 3-way sits lower). This trigger plate has a shorter three way slot and uses a change in angle on the trigger plate ramp to make a short and snappy trigger pull.

Trigger Return Spring Kit

This is a set of the spring used to push the trigger plate forwards and return the trigger to the resting location. For all Empire and Inception frames or any frame with a 0.1875" or wider trigger slot.
  • Trigger Return Springs, (Soft, Medium and Strong)
  • Trigger Return Spring Guide

Sear Spring Kit

This is the spring that goes under the back of the sear and pushes it up to engage it with the hammer lug.

  • Light
  • Medium Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy
On initial install we recommend using the medium trigger return spring and the medium light sear spring.

These are for Autocockers only. Using this trigger plate with a pump gun that has an Autotrigger will result in premature wear and is not covered by warranty.

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