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This fits 2k+ Autocockers or Pump Guns

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Price: $74.99

: CGP-0076-PR

The following items are included in this package
This Extended reach kit includes everything needed to move the regulator forwards on a 2K+ Autococker for improved ergonomics. It comes with our modern, minimalist, front block with the most up to date features possible
The front block has an anti-rotation step that prevents the front block from rotating in use.
The LPR location is moved out just slightly to allow the use of a greater number of combinations of parts including the larger diameter LPR's and Three ways. The LPR feed hole is move to the back so it's impossible to block off the flow and reduce performance by screwing in your LPR too far. It comes with the o-ring needed to seal the front block to the body. It also includes the VASA (Vertical Air Systems Adapter) blank off plate kit which has everything to completely block off the VASA air inlet hole found above the VASA on your Autococker or Sniper.

It is 100% reversible. If you don't want it, simply remove it and your gun body will be exactly the same as before. It uses the same threads and hole to mount it as your standard VASA.

The VASA Blank Off Plate will be polished black.

RAW/UNANODIZED PARTS MUST BE ANODIZED BEFORE USE. Using RAW parts or assembling them without anodizing immediately VOIDS all warranty. RAW Parts are provided only for custom anodizing and not to provide a "silver" finish.

  • Kit includes

    • Polished black Mini Front Block with Integrated Vertical ASA
    • Front block to body o-ring
    • Polished black Aluminum Blank off Plate with timing rod guard and alignment pins
    • VASA Blank off screw
    • VASA o-ring
    • Screw o-ring

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