Pump Arm Assembly - Full Body Pump Gun

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Fits full body pump guns

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Price: $29.99

: CGP-0070

This is the full Stainless steel pump arm assembly for use with the Inception Drift Pump kits for pump guns. It allows easy changing from one body style to another.

The pump arm is 10.4" long (approx).

10-32 threads 0.5" long installed into the stainless steel pump rod nut.

10-32 threads 0.6" long for back block attachment.

5-40 threaded hole with alignment face for Auto Trigger Pivot Pin with the pivot pin installed.

6-32 Stainless steel bolt for attaching to the Drift pump handle.

When installed the pivot pin should be approx 4.8" from the back of the gun body with the trigger at rest.

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