Mini Front Block - Matte Black

For 2k+ Autocockers and Pump Guns
Used to build a mini Autococker or as part of the extended reach kit

Select the bore size below

Price: $59.95

: CGP-0021-MB

This is a modern minimalist front block with the most up to date features possible. It can be used to build Mini 'cockers or to make an Autococker with "Extended reach" where the front regulator is positioned further from the frame (we have timing rods and pump arms available for both).

It has an anti-rotation step that prevents the front block from rotating in use.

The LPR location is moved out just slightly to allow the use of a greater number of combinations of parts including the larger diameter LPR's and Three ways.

The LPR feed hole is move to the back so it's impossible to block off the flow and reduce performance by screwing in your LPR too far.

Available in Polished Raw (needs anodizing before use), Polished Black anodize finish and Matte Black anodized finish.

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