Black Ranger built on EMF100 w/ Black FANG
Inception Planet Eclipse FLE100 EMF100 MAG AR100 MG100 MAGFED PAINTBALL
Inception Designs Ranger Body installed on EMF100/MG100 with Black Fang Trigger.


Inception'ize your Planet Eclipse EMF100

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Price: $894.99

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

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This is the Ranger Body kit for the Planet Eclipse EMF100 (formerly known as the MG100). This was developed in conjunction with Planet Eclipse and will maintain your full warranty when installed on your gun!

This is the lightest body kit with a Picatinney rail and Stop Shot available for the EMF100 and is just over two pounds as a fully assembled gun with the barrel! All body kits will come with the Stop Shot system.

This body kit is very much "form follows function" so beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder and it's not likely we will stock these in many colours or quantity (they may well be machined to order).

The design is based upon the FLE100 but it has a milspec Picatinney rail front and back and it has the Stop Shot system in the front rail, which is really why I wanted this for myself. Once you've used Stop Shot that breech indicator is fantastic and the ability to avoid any chops even with a box loader (which I plan to use at some "open" events this year" is just phenomenal.

The Ranger name is used with permission from Bud Orr and his exact words were "That would be great."

Comes with Ranger Body Kit in Black built on the EMF100, with Polished Black FANG trigger.

It is a quick and easy bolt on replacement for the stock body (It replaces the GRN EMC external sleeve and the internal aluminium core). The body kit comes with detent covers.

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