AR100 Stop-Shot milling and parts
Inception Planet Eclipse AR100 EMF100 MG100 MAGFED
Inception Designs AR100 Base gun EMF100/MG100

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Inception'ize your Planet Eclipse EMF100

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Price: $29.99

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This MUST be ordered at the same time as an AR100 body kit found here or AR100 fully built gun found here. If you order it with the body kit or a gun this means it will come with the milling on the body and the 3D printed parts. If you order it without contacting us or without the body kit or a gun you will just get the 3D printed parts.

The Stop Shot is a modification to the AR100 Design that provides a flag system to show if a round if loaded. It will also prevent the gun from firing if a round is not fully loaded which is fantastic to prevent misfire, blank shots, or chopped shots. If you are using DAM Mags or a Box Mag this is a 'must have' modification.

If you want extra Planet Eclipse CF20 Continuous feed magazines
please buy them here.

Our No.1 rated FANG upgrade trigger for the EMF100 and EMEK is
available here.

Other accessories are
available here

Photos are just for illustration, you are just buying the machining of a new body ordered at the same time and the 3D printed parts needed for the "Stop Shot".

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