I grew up in Brooklyn NY in the 70's, I was a latch key kid. Mom worked 2 jobs so I found myself hanging out with hustlers and the most creative people Brooklyn had to offer. At a young age my game consisted of hot peas and butter, roof climbing (some call it parkour now a days), I played round up till the wee hours of the night. In junior high I fell in love with breakdancing and graffiti my name was WILONE and hung out the elite of the time, I got published in books and magazines at the age of 16. I loved paint my entire life.

When I first got into tournament paintball in 1986 I always had an eye for what was the best and always stood far and clear of the gear that at the moment of truth when it counted most failed you. I won my first major event at sgt. yorks in 1989 using a grey ghost with the screaming eagles. I got my first sponsorship from national paintball supplies when it was still attached to a pizza shop in the earliest of the 90s. READ MORE