Inception Designs has a huge passion for paintball and a dedication to doing things to the best of our ability and the right way for the sport of Paintball and our customers. We do not sponsor many teams or players, and take such decisions very seriously as we feel it important that true sponsorship results in genuine brand Ambassadors. It’s rare that we see a team or player that matches up so well with Inceptions beliefs and standards that it just feels so right to want to support them. The Saberwolves are the embodiment of this.

The original Saber Wolves paintball team was formed in early 1996 and competed heavily in regional 5-man events, eventually achieving unprecedented success in the longest running 5-man tournament circuit of the day, the Mid-South Paintball Association (MSPA). The Saber Wolves disbanded in the early 2000's after failing to achieve the same level of success in professional 10-man play, and being unable to maintain a stable roster. However, many of the MSPA players achieved great success as professional players on other paintball teams, and maintained close contact with one another over the intervening years. READ THE COMPLETE STORY