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Don't bother with having to travel with the extra gear.
Place your order ahead and pick it up at the event for FREE. Order ahead and be confident you will have everything you need to keep your equipment at it top preformance.

Here are some frequently asked questions that might help.

Where do I pick up my order?
Pick-up will be at the Inception Support Trailer if it is an event that we are vending. In the case that it is not an event where we are vending you will pick up your order from Simon Stevens or any of the Inception staff members attending the event.

Can the parts I order be installed?
When the event is one that we are vending than YES your parts can be installed. Unfortunatly if it is an event where we are not vending installation will not be possible.

Will you be working on Autocockers and Pump Guns?
When we are vending in the Inception Support trailer we will be doing tech work on Inception products. We do assist with products from other manufacturers if we are able. In many cases we have NFG Customs setup near by and they specialize in maintaining and servicing all Autocockers and Pump Guns.

When we are at an event where we are not vending and do not have access to our tools we will be limited in the amoount of service we can provide, but we will help any situation to the best of our ability.










Event order pick-up

STEP 1- Add the product to your cart.
Make sure you have everything you need to compete at your best. We have everything from maintenence items like oil and lubes, to Full custom built Autocockers and Pump Guns.

STEP 2 - Proceed to Check Out
This will open your cart. Confirm all items you are purchasing show in your cart.

STEP 3 - Complete all required billing information
Here you will need to complete the billing section and the form of payment section.

STEP 4 - Select the proper shipping "Event Pickup"
Here In the "SHIPPING" section you will see a drop-down, you will see "EVENT PICKUP" in the dorp-down. Confirm that you have selected Event Pickup and select Place Order.

That's it!
Thank you for supporting Inception and good luck at the event.


Event Specials

Our road show travels to many event each paintball season. We usually have show specials, Most products are in the trailer stock so anything you might need should be available.


See New Product

The best way to see the newest product is to see it in-person at one of our attended events.


Meet Simon

Simon Stevens attends and plays most events. Make sure to stop by the trailer if you are at an event with us. Head out to the field with Simon or just hangout and chat for a bit.



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