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The Mechanical Movement

Inception is thrilled by the resurgence of mechanical paintball play as we believe it to be so important to the future of our sport. We are also excited by many of the great new mechanical orientated products being made by many companies and have been blown away by the latest offerings from Planet Eclipse. With that in mind we have decided to carry their guns and look to provide upgrade parts and upgrade kits to the community using their guns. Let us know if there is anything you feel we should make for their guns, and sign up for our email and social media to keep up with everything we are developing for them.

Inception gun upgrade (Basic Stella) 

Price: $99.99




Inception gun upgrade (MG100 Tactical) 

Price: $134.99




Inception gun upgrade (Complete Stella) 

Price: $199.99





MG100 Bolt Tool

Price: $19.99



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When you are playing paintball keep an eye out for the new players. Help to make thier experience a great one.


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